Our Montessori Life at Six Months

The last three months have added smiles, giggles, and a budding love of reading, among so many other joys, to the infinite well of love I feel for my son.  In a flurry of developmental activity, he has eaten his first solid food (egg yolk), learned to wield a spoon with amazing accuracy, found his … Continue reading Our Montessori Life at Six Months


A Day in the Life of a Montessori Baby and his WAHM

I am truly grateful for all of the influences and gifts that have allowed me to parent in a way that truly feels right.  Job opportunities, finances, and education have come together to provide a pretty ideal circumstance to raise a little one.  However, there is one commodity that I could not possibly do without: … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Montessori Baby and his WAHM

Tidying my tasks for Fall

For me, there is a natural energy to Fall that inspires personal organization and reordering of priorities.  Maybe it is a remnant of the excited energy of getting back to school.  Maybe I get a whiff of new year's inspiration as I think of apples and honey for Rosh Hashanah.  However it arrives, it is … Continue reading Tidying my tasks for Fall