Snowflakes to fireworks – Returning to this space

I've missed you, space to write!  It has been far too long. What have I been up to?  Well, let's see... my last post was about moving and how I hoped to get back to regular blogging shortly afterwards. HA! Just around the time we moved (late March, but who's counting?), our dear sweet boy … Continue reading Snowflakes to fireworks – Returning to this space


The essentials

This weekend was packed! We hosted overnight guests on Friday and Saturday nights - and, of course, we fed them mightily. So the constant stream of dishes and delightful conversation can tire a girl out. Now that a resonant cough has settled in for both my husband and I, we have definitely been laying low … Continue reading The essentials

Cultivating calm

I have the distinct advantage of crumbling into a simpering mess if I do not care for myself.  It wasn't always this way.  I used to be able to ingest all manner of unhealthy substances, stay up all night, never exercise, and laze around all the time.  Even now as I type out this list, … Continue reading Cultivating calm


This morning

I have an urge to share my story with those who care to listen, but I am not really interested in leaving my house to accomplish this.  So blogging it is!  This isn't my first blogging attempt, but the creative urge has started building again.  I hope this time it culminates in something marvelous! It's … Continue reading This morning