Our Montessori Life at Six Months

The last three months have added smiles, giggles, and a budding love of reading, among so many other joys, to the infinite well of love I feel for my son.  In a flurry of developmental activity, he has eaten his first solid food (egg yolk), learned to wield a spoon with amazing accuracy, found his … Continue reading Our Montessori Life at Six Months


Mama’s Library for Pregnancy – Before, During, and After

Like most any other major (or minor) event in life, I prepared for motherhood by reading everything I could on the subject.  From the mainstream to the "woo-woo," I am now the proud owner of a stack of books that will most likely collect dust until my next pregnancy.  Ironically, my attention has been so … Continue reading Mama’s Library for Pregnancy – Before, During, and After

How We Cloth Diaper – The Basics

While I was pregnant and furiously researching how to be the best mom ever, the topic that took the most time and caused me the most anxiety was diapering.  Only one thing seemed clear at the beginning: I wanted to use cloth diapers.  Being the naive, previously fairly successful internet researcher that I was, I … Continue reading How We Cloth Diaper – The Basics

Traveling with a Montessori Baby!

Pardon my absence - between fleeing a hurricane, delicately avoiding baby jet lag, and catching up on work, this blog has fallen slightly to the wayside.  In the meantime, a post has been stewing since I returned home from Virginia and mulled the finer points Miles' first cross country trip. Traveling with a baby does … Continue reading Traveling with a Montessori Baby!

A Day in the Life of a Montessori Baby and his WAHM

I am truly grateful for all of the influences and gifts that have allowed me to parent in a way that truly feels right.  Job opportunities, finances, and education have come together to provide a pretty ideal circumstance to raise a little one.  However, there is one commodity that I could not possibly do without: … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Montessori Baby and his WAHM

The Dancer Mobile – Montessori DIY

Watching the baby delight in a mobile is one of the simple pleasures in my day right now.  Knowing that the Dancer Mobile he is enjoying is supporting his early Montessori education, was easy to DIY, and was cheap to boot is even better! I have to admit, the dancer mobile did not capture my … Continue reading The Dancer Mobile – Montessori DIY

Montessori for Infants Resources

I spent my whole pregnancy scouring the web for Montessori resources.  While the obsessive planner in me was happy to find lots of great homeschooling info for preschool and beyond, most of those blogs did not mention much, if anything, about newborns and babies.  While this list is small and not at all exhaustive, these … Continue reading Montessori for Infants Resources