How We Cloth Diaper – Pros and Cons

Whenever I discuss cloth diapering with someone who is totally sold on disposables, they are always surprised to hear that I don't think of it as extra effort at all. Maybe it is because this is our first baby and we don't know any better! All the same, I think there are several benefits to … Continue reading How We Cloth Diaper – Pros and Cons


Cloth Diapers – On the Road

I find that cloth diapering is just as easy at the grocery store (or on an airplane, or a trail, or anywhere!) as it is at home.  Since you don't need a trash can, you can stop just about anywhere and change a diaper, weather permitting.  Our summer baby's bottom did not come near a … Continue reading Cloth Diapers – On the Road

Cloth Diapers – The Diaper Station

In my last post, I detailed the basic system we have for covering baby's bottom.  However, much to the delight of many retailers, there is a bit more to any kind of diapering than the means you employ for containing the waste.  You need a place to change the baby and a strategy to keep … Continue reading Cloth Diapers – The Diaper Station