Cloth Diapers – On the Road

I find that cloth diapering is just as easy at the grocery store (or on an airplane, or a trail, or anywhere!) as it is at home.  Since you don't need a trash can, you can stop just about anywhere and change a diaper, weather permitting.  Our summer baby's bottom did not come near a … Continue reading Cloth Diapers – On the Road


Cloth Diapers – The Diaper Station

In my last post, I detailed the basic system we have for covering baby's bottom.  However, much to the delight of many retailers, there is a bit more to any kind of diapering than the means you employ for containing the waste.  You need a place to change the baby and a strategy to keep … Continue reading Cloth Diapers – The Diaper Station

How We Cloth Diaper – The Basics

While I was pregnant and furiously researching how to be the best mom ever, the topic that took the most time and caused me the most anxiety was diapering.  Only one thing seemed clear at the beginning: I wanted to use cloth diapers.  Being the naive, previously fairly successful internet researcher that I was, I … Continue reading How We Cloth Diaper – The Basics

Traveling with a Montessori Baby!

Pardon my absence - between fleeing a hurricane, delicately avoiding baby jet lag, and catching up on work, this blog has fallen slightly to the wayside.  In the meantime, a post has been stewing since I returned home from Virginia and mulled the finer points Miles' first cross country trip. Traveling with a baby does … Continue reading Traveling with a Montessori Baby!