Hiking with a One Year Old

This summer was all about noticing how much life has changed for us as a family over a year.  For Miles, of course, his years' worth of growing opened up a whole new world of summer fun that was not quite accessible for him as a newborn.  For us as parents, we were able to … Continue reading Hiking with a One Year Old


Farm Report, Vol 1

I am so proud to be writing our first farm report, even if there is not much to report!  The satisfaction of caring for our own land has been incredibly satisfying for us, even if much of theeffort so far this year has been spent on finding, getting funding for, and moving into the perfect … Continue reading Farm Report, Vol 1

Snowflakes to fireworks – Returning to this space

I've missed you, space to write!  It has been far too long. What have I been up to?  Well, let's see... my last post was about moving and how I hoped to get back to regular blogging shortly afterwards. HA! Just around the time we moved (late March, but who's counting?), our dear sweet boy … Continue reading Snowflakes to fireworks – Returning to this space


Cloth Diapers – On the Road

I find that cloth diapering is just as easy at the grocery store (or on an airplane, or a trail, or anywhere!) as it is at home.  Since you don't need a trash can, you can stop just about anywhere and change a diaper, weather permitting.  Our summer baby's bottom did not come near a … Continue reading Cloth Diapers – On the Road


Mama Meltdowns

And now we'll take a brief break from cloth diapers to bring you the latest edition of... Mama Meltdowns! The month of November has been pretty stressful.  Our beloved kitty has fallen ill with some mysterious ailment that is preventing her from eating and drinking off and on.  Work came to a messy crescendo for … Continue reading Mama Meltdowns