Our Montessori Life at Six Months

Our Montessori Life at Six Months

The last three months have added smiles, giggles, and a budding love of reading, among so many other joys, to the infinite well of love I feel for my son.  In a flurry of developmental activity, he has eaten his first solid food (egg yolk), learned to wield a spoon with amazing accuracy, found his way onto his hands and knees, and is so close to sitting up on his own!  Amidst the intensely positive moments, we have also been moving into a challenging period after a super easy six months.  Instead of contentedly wiggling around in (mostly) one place on the floor, little man is now rolling everywhere and wanting lots of stimulation.  So work schedules have shifted, activities have been added, and things are just getting interesting.

With the “baby schedule” fully integrated into our lives for awhile now, we were clearly due for a bit of upheaval.  No longer simply content to watch life happen before his eyes, Miles was showing us his readiness for new, more interactive activities.  Reading, singing, playing, and wielding all manner of objects is all part of the daily routine.

Of course, life is a bit more exciting with some variation.  Tuesdays are library day, Wednesdays I work in the evenings and get to just be Mama during the day.  Our weekends have a nice balance of relaxation and fun with a healthy dose of outdoor time thrown in for good measure.  After writing down our priorities and making sure we work them in regularly, my husband and I are both happier – and life is grand!

On a normal day…

5:00 am – Now Mama and Daddy both wake up together…most days.  Sometimes I need an extra half hour (or two).  Miles is starting to sleep later in the mornings, sometimes until 7:30!

6:15 am – Family breakfast.  When he is able to support himself, Miles will join us in his high chair.  For now, he either sits on one of our laps (and does his best to nom whatever he can) or plays on the floor.  We take a moment to go over the schedule for the day while we enjoy a delicious homemade breakfast courtesy of, well, not me.  Let’s just say that I am lucky to be married to my favorite short order cook.

7:00 am – After Daddy leaves for work, Mama and Miles roll out their yoga mats (his is a quilt, for now).  Mama reads aloud from her yoga book while Miles looks through a board book (Inch by Inch is the current favorite), then we wiggle around for awhile to wake up our muscles and find some balance to start the day.  One day a week, Miles wiggles while Mama chants a bit and then blogs.  This space needs nurturing too!

8:00 am – Time for work!  I have to to put my nose to the grindstone most days, but one day per week is set aside for Mama and Miles.  Either way, we get started with work or play.

Miles at Play

11:00 am – When Miles starts to rub his eyes, we head into his room for a morning nap.  Sometimes he goes down early and sleeps for hours, sometimes he doesn’t want to sleep at all.  Whenever he settles down for some sleep, lunch is also a priority for Mama.  It is so easier to eat without an adventurous eater trying to get at my tasty (but baby unfriendly) midday meal.

12:30 pm – We try to go for a walk.  The winter weather here is not nearly as harsh as other places I’ve lived, but sometimes we can only get out for ten minutes or so before his cheeks get too cold.  Still, it is so important to get outside every day.  Now I am extra excited for the slightly warmer weather that is around the corner.  After our walk, it’s back to work!

3:30 pm – Daddy gets home!  We all gather on the couch to snuggle and talk about our day.  Miles usually gets a little wriggly, so it’s more tummy time while Mama and Daddy unwind.

4:30 pm – Dinner time at the weaning table.  We are using meals as a way to practice proper sequence – for all of us.  Put on the bib, push in the chair, spread out the placemat.  From his first bite, Miles has been insistent on feeding himself.  Although an extra hand tends to follow the spoon into his mouth, he has the grip and the aim down pat!

5:00 pm – Time to get Miles ready for bed.  After a nice warm bath and some cozy jums, we settle in on the couch for a story together.  Most nights he wants to nurse to sleep, but he is also getting pretty good at falling asleep on his own.  The only constant requirement is a short reading from the Book of Children’s Verse.

From about 5:30 pm to 10, we adults scurry get everything done that we used to have all day to do… like blogging!  And sewing! And, every once in awhile, resting.  Oh yeah, and dishes.  My kingdom for a dishwasher.

The predictable schedule is essential for us, especially so I can adequately juggle working and motherhood.

Do you keep a set schedule every day, or do you make it up as you go?


2 thoughts on “Our Montessori Life at Six Months

  1. Meghan says:

    I love your schedule. It’s similar to ours… we’re early risers too. Props to you for fitting in yoga. That’s great! Does Miles mimic you yet?

    I think having a schedule/routine is great for kiddos. It get their sleeping and eating in order and it’s easier for you as a parent to see if something is wrong/different if they are more tired/hungry/etc. as compared to other days.

    • Sadhana Mama says:

      The mimicry is more on my end – it is so much fun (and good exercise) to copy his crazy tummy time moves! And he loves when I copy what he’s doing – guaranteed big smiles!

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