The essentials

This weekend was packed! We hosted overnight guests on Friday and Saturday nights – and, of course, we fed them mightily. So the constant stream of dishes and delightful conversation can tire a girl out. Now that a resonant cough has settled in for both my husband and I, we have definitely been laying low the last few days.

I am not very good at laying low. That is not to say that I’m not lazy from time to time, but if I have things to do and no energy to do them, I stress myself out instead of resting. Let’s take a blog post as an example. Friday’s post didn’t happen because of aforementioned guests – a wonderful excuse! Then Monday’s didn’t happen due to aforementioned cough. Again, I have a worthy reason to avoid coming up with witty lines and wisdom. No problem, right?

Well, the perfect yogini inside was insisting on treating myself with compassion and letting it go, but my obnoxious inner roommate had different plans. The past 48 hours have been spent berating myself for the handful of tasks that I failed to complete. So on top of feeling punk and staring at a mounting to-do list, I was harboring a drill sergeant in my head.

Yes, that is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds.

So my plan: let go of the non-essentials until I get myself back on track. For reference…


Breathing, eating, loving on Miles, supporting Zack, petting kitties, eating nourishing food, getting the basic elements of my job done, having a functional home, connecting with center


Cleaning all the things, blogging, a half hour yoga practice, walking every day, checking off every item on my to do list, making everyone happy, being thin, keeping a perfect frame of mind

Right now, I’m going to start with breathing. The rest can wait until tomorrow.


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