A Day in the Life of a Montessori Baby and his WAHM

I am truly grateful for all of the influences and gifts that have allowed me to parent in a way that truly feels right.  Job opportunities, finances, and education have come together to provide a pretty ideal circumstance to raise a little one.  However, there is one commodity that I could not possibly do without: … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Montessori Baby and his WAHM


The Dancer Mobile – Montessori DIY

Watching the baby delight in a mobile is one of the simple pleasures in my day right now.  Knowing that the Dancer Mobile he is enjoying is supporting his early Montessori education, was easy to DIY, and was cheap to boot is even better! I have to admit, the dancer mobile did not capture my … Continue reading The Dancer Mobile – Montessori DIY

Hiking with a newborn

After our son was born on June 28th this year, we could barely wait the recommended two weeks of mama recovery time to beat feet back on the trail. We just knew that sharing our favorite pastime with him was going to probably be the most awesome thing ever. And it was. My first suggestion … Continue reading Hiking with a newborn


The essentials

This weekend was packed! We hosted overnight guests on Friday and Saturday nights - and, of course, we fed them mightily. So the constant stream of dishes and delightful conversation can tire a girl out. Now that a resonant cough has settled in for both my husband and I, we have definitely been laying low … Continue reading The essentials