Montessori for Infants Resources

I spent my whole pregnancy scouring the web for Montessori resources.  While the obsessive planner in me was happy to find lots of great homeschooling info for preschool and beyond, most of those blogs did not mention much, if anything, about newborns and babies.  While this list is small and not at all exhaustive, these are the resources that I’ve found the most helpful in creating a “curriculum” for day one onwards.

Happy baby under his Munari mobile

At Home With Montessori – I’ve linked to a section of this blog where I found the most helpful, concise outline of the first ten months of Montessori life!  The rest of this blog is also a definite must read.  I also highly recommend the Tripod Tutorial.

Sew Liberated – Not only do I love her sewing patterns (two down and one on deck), this blogger has provided me with lots of visual inspiration for our Montessori life.  I especially love her Montessori nursery!

How We Montessori – I have followed this blog since her son Otis was one month old and I was considering getting pregnant.  After many hours of pouring over her posts for inspiration, I heartily recommend doing the same.  Excellent resource for infant/baby/toddler/preschool in general.

Feeding the Soil – I’ve been following this family since before their baby was a twinkle in anyone’s eye.  (OK, now I’m starting to feel a little stalkerish.  Sorry about that everyone).  I came for the suggestions on setting intentions for life and stayed for the growth of a lucky baby whose mama is starting her own Montessori school!  Aside from being such an awesome blog, I also found many of these other resources thanks to her community building spirit.  She also cowrote a book called Kids in the Kitchen.  Swoon.

Thanks to these resources, I was able to piece together an outline (work in progress!) to keep track of all of the information that resonated with me.  I also use Springpad to capture and organize ideas as I see them.  So far I’ve been able to incorporate all of the ideas I wanted to implement in Miles’ early development, and we can really see the results.  He is a happy baby who is developing independence and amazing skills in a way that seems so natural to me.  Happy baby, happy Mama!


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