My birth story

It has been three months since Miles came into the world.  We have enjoyed a peaceful time together, mostly snuggling - first in our family bed and later on our couch.  He eats a lot, sleeps almost all the way through the night, and every time I look at him I am in awe of … Continue reading My birth story


Life happens. Even when you’re sniffly.

I have been fighting off a few bugs recently courtesy of the usual round of fall colds that go around at school.  Before my husband and I started to favor nourishing foods and activities, we would be floored with illness at some point during the cold/flu season.  This year, both of us have been grazed … Continue reading Life happens. Even when you’re sniffly.

The habit of celebrating

To me, the perfect holiday is a balance of tradition and experimenting.  Fond holiday memories from childhood come back every year, manifesting themselves in a special dish or ritual that I just can't do without.  At the same time, finding new ways to celebrate is almost as fun as celebrating itself!  As we build traditions … Continue reading The habit of celebrating


Carrot Miso Soup

Even before we had a newborn in the house, my weekday meal planning has focused on meals that use relatively few ingredients that can be assembled with minimal prep and lots of hands-off cook time.  Now that the Bean is here, it is crucial that we plan only these types of meals. Now that the … Continue reading Carrot Miso Soup


Montessori for Infants Resources

I spent my whole pregnancy scouring the web for Montessori resources.  While the obsessive planner in me was happy to find lots of great homeschooling info for preschool and beyond, most of those blogs did not mention much, if anything, about newborns and babies.  While this list is small and not at all exhaustive, these … Continue reading Montessori for Infants Resources


Cultivating calm

I have the distinct advantage of crumbling into a simpering mess if I do not care for myself.  It wasn't always this way.  I used to be able to ingest all manner of unhealthy substances, stay up all night, never exercise, and laze around all the time.  Even now as I type out this list, … Continue reading Cultivating calm


DIY Montessori – The Gobbi Mobile

My higher drive for organization this year is probably due to  a little change my husband and I welcomed into our lives recently: We have always agreed that we would homeschool if we could swing it.  Montessori was always our plan, so I was very excited to find out that Montessori covered babies in her … Continue reading DIY Montessori – The Gobbi Mobile