Inspiration and Projects

I am really happy to say that there have been many projects afoot at our house recently.  The baby’s room is now officially ready for some baby stuff after a bit of cleaning out and rearranging.  We still have to tackle the other two closets and decorate, but so far so good!  I am feeling much better about my proximity with July now that we’ve made some good headway in that direction.

My mind is in full spring mode for sure.  The effort of cleaning in the baby’s room has spread through the whole house, which has not quite yet resulted in the calm, clutter free existence I wanted, but it’s getting there.  We are going to hit the ground running on Monday with baby proofing in mind.  Yes, it’s time for us to learn the finer points of anchoring bookcases to a paneled wall – and while we’re at it, we’ll hang up the Mandal Headboard whose box we have been staring at for months.  With a quick (hopefully) job to build the Butterbean’s cubby shelves and wagon, we’ll have the nursery pretty much done by the end of the week.  Then all that remains is getting the mattress and mobiles in there and voilà!  Montessori baby paradise.

After a big trip to the craft store, all of these mobile dreams will become reality.  And there will be a baby carrier!  More about crafting in another post, though.

"Save Seed For Victory. "

My inspiration for the past month has definitely been spring, and my new subscription to Mother Earth News has certainly fed my already healthy tendency to dream big when it comes to springtime potential.  Of course this year’s gardening plans are mostly for the distant future, one in which we are starting our homestead instead of working with our current mish mash of containers and one raised bed.  So the usual suspects will go in this year, including squash, lettuce, and whatever surprises dad throws my way this year.

In this issue, I learned all about seed starting and how to save yours over from the year before.  This is an exciting prospect to someone who is a) as cheap as I am and b) always orders her seeds too late, if at all.  The old idea of a chicken tractor was also highlighted, as chickens are better than a tiller (and preferable in so many other ways).  There was also an article that featured bits of wisdom from those who are already living a self-sufficient lifestyle in all sorts of different environments.  It was nice to have a peek in to the lives of those who are already proving that you can get back to the land even if you didn’t quite start there to begin with.

And then there are Earthships.

I want one.

OK, back to the present, and back to this week.  I want to accomplish the following:

  • Finish Siegel Family Hagaddah
  • Build shelves and wagon
  • Clean out baby’s room enough to get said constructed items inside
  • Clean out the pantry on Thursday in preparation for Passover (including bathroom cabinet)
  • Go to the movies and out to dinner
  • Go to craft store
  • Make charoset, horseradish, and dessert (TBA?) to bring to Passover
  • Have a wonderful lunch with my boss and dinner with my parents on Friday
  • Read a lot, spend less time in front of the computer, and chill out in my hammock

There, I think that is the whole thing.  Not so unmanageable, despite the fact that I will be working most of the week.  Time is left for relaxing and vacationing.  Perhaps I should come up with a handy cold drink to have while I’m chilling out.

Oh bother, everything I had in mind has no fat in it–and most of it probably would be better with alcohol.  I will have to simply drink gratuitous smoothies.  With a paper umbrella.  Life is tough.

The rain today has created an introspective and slightly agitated energy for me.  The Butterbean is cranky that we have not gone for a proper walk in two whole days, and so is mama.  We are both learning to deal with it today by taking care of fun indoor projects like soup and Haggaddah writing.  I can imagine this same scene in a year with a giggling baby getting into something at my side.  Pure bliss.


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