Coming back to center

Life since my last post has been incredibly exciting and challenging.  About two weeks after I found out I was pregnant, the nausea started in full force.  It wasn’t just a morning sickness, or an afternoon or evening sickness.  This was an all day sick.  I would wake up sick and go to bed sick.  I was solid in my resolve to continue eating what I “knew” was healthy for my body, so I tried to choke down unappealing snacks with the hope that my body would eventually right itself.

I finally stopped trying to control the process.  Instead, I told the husband to get what my body was crying for: Cheerios.  He ran out to the general store (yes, our teeny town has one) and bought Cheerios… and beer.  The general store owner thought this was hilarious.  I scarfed down the Cheerios and the husband drank his beer.  So for several weeks, I ate Cheerios for most of my meals.  This meal plan was sometimes punctuated with other cravings.  Once I figured out another food that would stay down (like quesadillas with green salsa), I would add that to the usual menu.  By ten weeks, I finally got my digestive system to settle down by delicately following this process and only eating what appealed to me.  If I couldn’t figure out anything that appealed to me, I ate Cheerios instead.  This went on for quite awhile.

For the most part, I kept up with the laundry the whole time I was sick since only short-term standing is involved. I also tried to keep up with yoga, although some days that just didn’t happen.  I read in many places that walking would help, but being upright made my nausea so much worse–so I laid low for a couple of weeks until walking actually started making me feel better.

Now I’m finally (almost) back to normal.  With the energy that comes from awesome food (and almost being out of the first trimester),  I am starting to focus on regaining my daily/weekly schedule and filling my diet with as many nourishing foods as possible.  Other than grounding myself through my schedule, I am starting to prepare for this little butter bean who is wiggling around in my belly!  This has mostly involved lots of research into the Montessori method for raising an infant–and beyond, of course.  My main task right now is populating my registry, although I really hope to start getting some hand making done.  Some of my ideas are…

Baby Pants Pattern – – I love how easy and customizable these are.  Now I just need to find a good source of organic fabrics.

DIY Montessori Mobiles – Little Red Farm – I can’t wait to get started on these.  The husband is also excited about this particular craft since many of the mobiles involve working with paper–his favorite.  Next step… figuring out exactly which mobiles to make and where/how to hang them!

Infant Puzzle Ball – Little Red Farm – This looks like an easy project that would be fun to get done in an afternoon.  To get a bit of motivation, I might start with this one first.  After I find the organic fabric, of course.  Then, almost instant gratification 🙂

I think that is a good list to get me started.  There is so much I want to do–but I am trying to respect my body’s need for lots of rest right now.  We also have some “other” projects going on (like buying a house!), so I need to make sure there is space for everything to get done.  Let’s see how it goes!


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